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I've traveled the world, crossed galaxies, traveled through time and explored history on the pages of books.

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Sterling Woods is a new romantic suspense series set in a    coal mining town in idyllic Pennsylvania where the people  in town are friendly and death never takes a holiday.           

Homecoming, Book 1
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Lily Sommers reluctantly returns to Sterling Woods to attend her Uncle Jimmy's funeral - a town she left years ago and rarely returned to.

Sterling Woods holds painful memories for her; memories she’s tried to forget.  One, in particular, is still raw and every time she returns to town is like pulling a scab off a wound that will not heal - Luc Pearson, the handsome high school boyfriend who betrayed her the night before they were to leave for California.

Seeing Luc again isn't the only problem she has to face in Sterling Woods.  Her older brother was murdered when she was a little girl.  Now someone is trying to kill her, and she doesn't know why. 

Things like that weren’t supposed to happen in Sterling Woods.

Will Lily's mystery attacker make good on his plan or will the people closest to her be able to save her?

Book 2 - Changing the Rules 
Planned Release date - 3rd Quarter 2020
Stephanie Xavier was tired of the game. Can she change the rules?


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