Frequently Asked Questions

How did you know you wanted to be a writer?


Since I was a little girl,  I had a very active imagination -  too active my mother use to  tell  me.  I had imaginary friends who lived in my bedroom closet.  I remember playing  cowboys and Indians with them and creating stories.  I think that is why ideas for  stories come easily to me.  I started out writing poetry in grade school which I continued  through college and still do today.  But there was always the book I wanted to write, the  story I wanted to tell, but it took me awhile to get there - a marriage, two kids, and a  career later.  I'm happy to say, I here now, finally doing the only thing I really ever  wanted to do.


Why write Contemporary Romance? 


I started writing paranormal romance initially  which I love and will continue to do but  a friend of mine asked me if I'd ever  consider writing a contemporary romance. I'd  never  thought about it before but decided  to try my hand and my pen.  Homecoming is  the result and I'm very happy how it  turned  out. I currently working on Book 2,  Changing the Rules. 


Why write a book series?  


The reason I wanted to write a book series is that I love them.  I never want to leave the  characters or the stories.  I do read standalone books but give me a book series every  time. 


What genres do you read?


Romance - all types